BrownstoneBrownstone was used as a handsome veneer on East Coast Homes between 1820 and 1890. It was easy to quarry, plentiful and soft enough for carving detailed designs on facades and stoops. Brownstone itself is a coarse grained brown sandstone, and in the original facades, it was mixed with silica and clay. Over time brownstone erodes and deteriorates, and the facades must be patched or replaced.

Many companies repair worn brownstone with tinted concrete, but ZHI uses genuine crushed brownstone from the original quarries, returning these beautiful brownstones to their former glory. ZHI uses the brownstone standard method as per New York historical guidelines for repairing and restoring brownstones.

Ornamental brownstone details range from delicate flowers carved over windows to elaborately carved doorways and balustrades. ZHI uses two techniques recommended by the New York Historic Commission. The first method builds up reproductions with layers of patching material, sculpting the details into the final layers. The retention of sound, highly decorative ornamental areas is always recommended.

The second method is to cast duplicate pieces of ornament from intact originals on other parts of the building or from other buildings. Molds are made of remaining ornamental pieces and new pieces are then cast in colored concrete.


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