Cornices are the crown of any building. Elaborate cornices with brackets, carved details and other ornamentation grace the tops of brownstones and brick rowhouses. For conscientious homeowners who want to preserve the architectural qualities of their properties, keeping the cornice in sound condition is paramount.

Originally made of wood, metal or stone, cornices are chiefly decorative, but they also serve important functions. They shield the tops of buildings from rain runoff. They also hold and hide gutters and drain pipes that allow water to flow from a flat roof, directing water away from the facade of the house.

Cornices Cornices

ZHI Restoration does expert repair and restoration of beautiful cornices, following landmark preservation guidelines and current codes. If a cornice is missing or has deteriorated beyond repair, they construct new cornices of marine wood, carving the details by hand, and building custom brackets to match originals. For intact cornices, they remove damaged or rotten sections, replacing them with matching pieces in marine wood. They can also make repairs and replacements with fiberglass or metal.





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